Atmokinesis Exercises for Adaptation

atmokinesis exercises

Atmokinesis Exercises for Adaptation

Among all of the many atmokinesis exercises that exist out there, adaptation stands alone as one of the most beneficial when it comes to dealing with opponents that have the ability of flight or are in areas with fierce weather. Aerial adaptation, more specifically is a type of atmokinesis adaptation that allows for the user to be able to easily adapt to their environment, regardless of the altitude.

This idea of aerial adaptation can be a very highly beneficial one if the atmokinesis user finds themselves in combat with someone who decides to bring the battle into the mountains, the skies, or even the cosmos. If this were to be the case, and the atmokinesis user was not powerful enough to be able to adapt to extreme altitudes, it would be big trouble for them and great news for their adversary.

Atmokinesis users can also adapt to the concept of vertigo, which is a commonplace when dealing with high altitudes. The user who can display these atmokinesis exercises will show absolutely no signs of vertigo whatsoever, no matter the height.

You may be wondering how one would be able to adapt to being in extreme conditions, such as being extremely high about sea level. Well, the atmokinesis user can easily enhance their lung capacity to be able to better adapt to their environment. As you can probably imagine by now, the atmokinesis user would have many different tricks up his or her sleeves that would greatly benefit them regardless of the adversary.

Atmokinesis adaptation is not limited to only changes in height, it also includes any extreme changes in temperature that desperately call for adaptation. The atmokinesis user would not necessarily have a terrible time against a pyrokinesis user (fire manipulator). This is of course a relative suggestion in nature. Nevertheless, let’s say that the pyrokinesis user decided to emit fire throughout the entire environment.
So much that it literally engulfed the area around them. Depending on the power of the pyrokinetic user and the atmokinesis user, such a weather manipulator wouldn’t have much of a problem manipulating their body in a way that allows for the tolerance of such high temperatures.

The same is true for the opposite end of the spectrum. Cryokinesis users (ice manipulators) can turn an entire planet into another ice age at will. This would paralyze even the most potent of adversaries, except for the atmokinesis users. The weather manipulators who can exercise atmokinesis exercises such as environmental adaptation would have virtually no problem at all dealing with such an opponent. They would simply adapt their body to the frigid temperatures to the point where it made no difference at all what the temperature was.

So, as you can see, this is a very effective technique that atmokinesis users can utilize. These atmokinesis exercises are seen as “icing on the cake”. Small, yet extremely effective and lifesaving skills that can make all the difference in the world for the user if they happen to be fighting an adversary who can change their surroundings in some capacity.