Atmokinesis for Beginners

atmokinesis for beginners

In this atmokinesis for beginners article, the discussion will be on one of the most popular and well known atmokinesis techniques. This is of course the skill known as Air Manipulation. This atmokinesis technique is also sometimes referred to as air bending, anemokinesis, atmospheric manipulation, wind control, aerokinesis, etc. Regardless of what you decide to call this highly effective skill, it is a highly effective one to say the least.In a nutshell, this skill allows the atmokinesis user to shape, generate, manipulate, and create air for whatever purpose that the user desires. This is not limited to oxygen. Any type of gas that exists on the planet or area that the atmokinesis user happens to be at is subject to their manipulation.

The most popular use of this atmokinesis technique is that of the manipulation of wind for the purposes of creating devastation. The user can generate the existence of massive tornadoes, intense hurricanes, and blinding blizzards. Whatever that the atmokinesis user can utilize via the air, they can manipulate.

Wind bursts are also a very popular skill that can easily be seen in many instances in various comics and TV shows. This is a very useful technique used to temporarily blind their adversary, disorient them, and potentially knock them off of their feet (depending on the power of the atmokinesis user.

Electrical immunity is also another very effective tool to use as well. It is done by using the air as a type of insulation for electricity. This allows them to become virtually invincible to any electrokinesis users out there. Of course, this degree to which the atmokinesis user will be able to successfully accomplish this feat will depend greatly on the individual being’s power.

Deoxygenation may be one of the most lethal of all of the many different atmokinesis techniques that are available to them. This skill allows the user to remove all of the oxygen from the atmosphere. Of course, being air benders themselves, they can easily do this all while keeping a bubble of oxygen around them if they need to. The atmokinesis skill of deoxygenation can easily defeat even the most dangerous of adversaries.

They also have to power of Purification. This is the ability to remove any hazardous particles out of the air around them or in any area that they desire to do so. This can be very helpful for the atmokinesis user depending on the opponent that they are facing and the specific situation that they’re in.

Not only can they utilize the skill of purification, but they can also do the opposite. They can manipulate smoke as well. So, if they so desired, they could generate and manipulate smoke to try and damage their opponent. There aren’t many adversaries who’d be able to withstand deoxygenation combined with smoke manipulation. Thus, why the atmokinesis for beginners skill known as Air Manipulation is such a very potent one to practice. These are just some examples of atmokinesis for beginners.


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