The Atmokinesis Power of Electricity Control

atmokinesis power

Atmokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate the weather. With electricity falling under this category, it is a very powerful and effective tool one can use for a plethora of different reasons which will be discussed in this article. The atmokinesis power of electricity manipulation should not get confused with the psychic ability known as electrokinesis. Electrokinesis is the psychic ability to generate and control electricity. The only real significant differences is that the atmokinesis user will be much more limited versus the electrokinesis user.

The ability to generate electricity is a common technique for atmokinesis users. One of the best examples of an individual exercising this atmokinesis power is Storm from Marvel Comics. She can easily generate electricity by sheer will. A common usage of electricity manipulation is that of lightning bolt projection. This is a very lethal weapon for obvious reasons. There aren’t many adversaries who could withstand a direct lightning bolt attack.

The rate and power of an individual lightning bolt attack will greatly depend on the atmokinesis user’s power, as well as their goal. Most, if not all atmokinesis users can control the intensity of their attacks. With this being the case, they can either perform a “warning shot” or perform an attack so lethal that they could possibly even vaporize matter. So, keeping in consideration as to the goals of the atmokinesis user will give light to how intense or destructive that they’ll probably be.

There are many other types of attacks that the atmokinesis electricity manipulator can exercise. Some of these include electrical bursts and the the actual act of generating specific weapons out of electricity. This is only limited to the imagination of the atmokinesis user, and their power of course. This takes things to another level of ferocity as they are virtually limitless when it comes to this technique.

Another way that an atmokinesis user can exercise electricity control is by using it to alter or even destroy the power grids of large cities or even planets. This can cause havoc and utter chaos in the effected areas. Many essential and vital things require the use of electricity, like running water, heating up food, the heater/AC, and many other things. With this being so, this is a type of tricky and manipulative warfare that can easily be performed by the atmokinesis user.

Besides Storm from Marvel Comics, we can’t forget about arguably the most popular an known atmokinesis electricity manipulator of all time. Who is this you may ask? Well, none other than Zeus from Greek Mythology. Thor (Norse Mythology) and Poseidon (Greek Mythology) are also very popular electricity controllers as well. Nevertheless, these mythological beings were known for their abilities to manifest lighting bolts upon will to display their dominance and overcome adversaries.

In conclusion, the atmokinesis power of electricity control is a very effective and lethal tool that can be used to help defeat an adversary. From generating lightning bolts to destroying power grids, this atmokinesis power is truly one to be respected.