Atmokinesis Spells To Manipulate Electricity

atmokinesis spells

Atmokinesis spells to manipulate electricity are one of the most potent types of atmokinesis techniques available. One can only imagine as to the many different possibilities that one can take advantage of while exercising this skill. Atmokinesis electricity manipulation allows one to generate, create, shape, and control electricity to for whatever
purpose that the user desires…Of course, the individual power of the user will determine the level and potency of their efficiency. However, even with a small amount of electricity manipulation skills at one’s disposal can reap havoc against any adversary.

Electrons, protons, and neutrons are also in control and subject to manipulation by the atmokinesis user who can manipulate electricity. This calls for complete and absolute control of anything electrical. Whether the goal is to use it as a weapon, to create electrical fields, electrical shields, or more, virtually nothing can limit such a user from manipulating electricity.

This type of individual has the power to literally vaporize objects, depending on the intensity of the electrical currents they can control. This is a very lethal skill to posses. Unless your opponent is extremely quick, agile, or can teleport to get out of sight quickly, it may be too little too late for them.

This type of atmokinesis user can also display whats called electrical mimicry. This allows them to completely submerge themselves into electricity. Thus, causing them to literally be made up of electrical charges. In this new form, they are literally lethal to the touch, for obvious reasons.

Electroportation allows the atmokinesis user to teleport via the use of electricity. This makes for an awesome quick getaway when and if things go south. This can be very helpful if they find themselves feeling overpowered by their adversary, or even to simply teleport for whatever reason that the atmokinesis user so desires.

Electrical healing is possible for them as well. Especially when they have completely merged with electricity, as with electrical mimicry. When this is the case and the atmokinesis user somehow gets injured, they can simply and easily heal themselves by means of electrical healing. This gives them a huge advantages over their opponents who don’t have the capability of self-healing.

Cosmic-light manipulation allows atmokinesis spells that manipulate any and every type of electrical current that exists in the vastness of the cosmos. This takes everything to another level. Not only can they control and generate electricity on their home planet, but they can also take things to space, if the battle were to go there or not, and use the electrical currents there to assist them for whatever goal they wish to achieve.

Heat generation allows them to use atmokinesis spells that can heat up any object they wish for whatever purpose that desire. Whether they want to heat up the ground under their opponent or a weapon that they may be holding, they can do so with ease. This is a very effective way to literally make their opponent drop their weapons at will.


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