Atmokinesis Superpower: Atmokinetic Combat

atmokinesis superpower

Atmokinetic combat, or meteokinetic combat as it’s also known as, is the act of combining all types weather phenomenon with physical combat. There are several benefits to doing this. One of the more notable reasons for using this atmokinesis superpower is to intimidate their opponent. If the atmokinesis user decides to use atmokinetic combat during battle, they set up for themselves a pretty impressive display of raw power. Of course, this will depend greatly upon just what type of weather phenomenon they wish to manipulate and at what intensity.Some common types of applications that the atmokinesis user can exercise are fog generation, hydrokinetic combat, cryokinetic combat, thermokinetic combat, electrokinetic combat, and aerokinetic combat.

Fog generation can be a very useful skill to display as it will greatly hinder their opponent’s vision, possibly even temporarily blinding them. Hydrokinetic combat can be utilized by using water as a weapon (e.g. water jets) or even by using water as a type of shield for defense against their adversaries attacks.

Cryokinetic combat can also be extremely potent. One can create a thick ice shield to defend themselves. Also, they can use ice as a weapon. From ice blades to flying glaciers, the object is totally up to the imagination of the atmokinesis user.

With thermokinetic combat, the user can heat things up, literally. They can drastically manipulate the temperature to give them the effect that they so desire. Electrokinetic combat allows the atmokinesis user to manipulate electricity in a way that best benefits them. From lighting show displays to actually using the lightning for battle, it’s a very useful skill nonetheless.

Lastly, aerokinetic combat is when the atmokinesis user manipulates wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. for benefit them during combat.

The true beauty of this atmokinesis superpower is when and if the user decides to use multiple atmokinetic combat associations at once. A combination of hurricanes, twister, snow, and tsunamis are enough to humble even the most violent of adversaries. All of this, along with the actual combat side of the user (e.i. specific attacks) makes for a very successful mission.

Some popular atmokinesis users of atmokinetic combat are as follows: Sky Deities (Mythology), Nami (One Piece), Kelda (Marvel Comics), Storm (Marvel Comics), Vortex (Danny Phantom), Witches of Chance Harbor (The Secret Circle), Yota (Naruto), Thor (Marvel Comics), and Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom). These are just a small handful of the many users of this very powerful atmokinesis superpower.

Atmokinetic combat is a very useful skill for the avid weather manipulator. They can use it to intimidate and confuse potential adversairies. They can use it as a type of shield to defend themselves from any possible threats. Lastly, they can obviously use it to combat their enemies. From manifesting tornadoes, blizzards, heat waves, storms, and more, the sky is the limit, literally. This atmokinesis superpower can be seen in many different TV shows and comic books alike. And for good reason. It’s pretty awesome!


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