Atmokinesis Techniques To Claim Victory

atmokinesis techniques

In this article, the discussion will be on the atmokinesis techniques known as Water Manipulation. There is a very wide array of possibilities with this atmokinesis skill. Users who can display this skill can manipulate and shape water, steam, water vapor, ice, snow, etc. They can manipulate these things in any way shape or form that they desire. First, let’s talk about some of the more catastrophic capabilities that this skill allows for…The concept of Flood Creation is all too prevalent with atmokinesis users. Whether the user wants to flood a specific area, region, continent, or even an entire planet, they can undoubtedly do so. This technique is incredibly helpful to the atmokinesis user who finds their self in a bad situation. Perhaps they’re being overpowered by their adversaries and they need to quickly change the momentum of the battle. Well, generating a huge, potentially planet consuming flood would do just that.

Depending on where the quarrel is taken place at, it may be highly beneficial for the atmokinesis user to greatly increase ocean currents, whether knowingly or secretively. This can be very helpful to steer potentially harmful opponents away from you, or to perhaps simply confuse them.

Whirlpool generation may be among the most powerful of these water manipulation atmokinesis techniques. The size of the whirlpool’s that the user decides to manifest is totally up to them. It can be as small or as large as they desire it to be. This can mean serious trouble for their opponent if the user of this skill decides to make every drop of water that exists on a planet’s oceans to generate giant whirlpools.

Water portal creation is another very interesting skill to posses. It’s the act of using water as a catalyst to transport the user to any destination they desire. Temporary blindness inducement due to manipulating water into the eyes of their opponent can also be seen as well.

There are in fact some limitations to these atmokinesis techniques. Like most kinesis skills, the level of their power will be greatly dependent upon just that, how powerful they indeed are. Some users of atmokinesis may not be powerful enough to generate the existence of water from nothing, though some can.

Also, the atmokinesis user will most likely be subject to electricity manipulation. If an atmokinesis user is fighting an electrokinesis user, this could be a serious problem. Also, users who can manipulate sand, like geokinesis users for example, can use large quantities of sand to absorb any potentially harmful water attacks that the atmokinesis user may have tried to induce.

Regardless of some of the limitations of these atmokinesis techniques, there are in fact numerous advantages to them. They can easily manipulate any type of water you can fathom. They can make oceans into frozen land masses, use water to teleport, manipulate water so that they can use it as a water attack, ice manipulation, steam manipulation, cosmic water manipulation, water mimicry, and so on and so on.


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