Atmokinesis Training to Manipulate Weather

atmokinesis training

Atmokinesis training involves learning how to manipulate the weather and atmosphere around you. It’s also sometimes called weather control or meteorological manipulation. Just as the name implies, the user with atmokinesis capabilities will be able to easily shape, change, direct, intensify, and create any type of weather pattern that they wish to help them in any way they desire. They can manifest and generate tornadoes, blizzards, hail, rain, wind, lightning, and temperature changes, among many other things.

One of the most popular users of atmokinesis training is Storm from Marvel Comics. She was able to generate any weather disaster that she desired with any effect that she desired. She was not an individual you’d want to piss off by any means.

Some popular methods for best utilizing atmokinesis training are: Water manipulation, electricity manipulation, thermal manipulation, and air manipulation.

Water manipulation consists of generating horrific rain storms, enough fog accumulation to temporarily blind anyone, and enough snow to bury you, to name a few.

Electricity manipulation is where the atmokinesis user would resemble that of Zeus, generating lighting wherever the user wishes and at whatever intensity the user wishes as well.

Thermal manipulation allows the user to literally create a new ice age or the opposite, a hyper-intense heat wave. Depending on the user’s opponent, this can be a huge advantage for them.

Air manipulation allows the atmokinesis user to create extremely powerful wind gusts that can sweep any adversary off of their feet. It can more destructively assist in producing tornadoes, as many as the user wishes and as large, powerful, and fast as they wish as well.

The Silver Surfer from The Fantastic Four was notorious for emitting spontaneous weather change. This concept is known as Weather Randomization. This can come in handy during a plethora of instances. For one, it can be a very useful method to disorient your opponent and create that “shock affect”. The element of surprise is another way to look at it. To make the temperature below zero, then to make it over 140 degrees, and then to bombard them with a vicious blizzard is enough to disorient even the most capable of adversaries.

An additional key atmokinesis training technique that can truly be used to their advantage is that of flooding. The atmokinesis user has the power to manipulate the weather, rain that is, to the point to where it can flood an entire planet, destroying anything that cannot fly. This is a huge way to disorient their opponent. Especially if they have limited flying abilities. Nevertheless, I’m sure that you can imagine the level of damage that is possible with such a skill such as this.

Atmokinesis training techniques are used by many characters in mythology as well. Such characters include: Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Neptune, and Poseidon to name a few from Norse, Greek, and Roman mythology. All in all, the weather manipulation technique known as atmokinesis is an extremely potent skill to have that one can greatly use to their advantage.


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