Atmokinesis: Using Weather Mimicry

atmokinesis weather mimicry

Atmokinesis: Using Weather Mimicry

The atmokinesis skill known as weather mimicry is when the user emerges themselves into a specific weather phenomenon or when they have their own body take the form of one. This can be a huge advantage to the atmokinesis user due to the fact that they can scale their presence to that of hundreds, even thousands of feet above sea-level. This makes for not only a very intimidating prowess, but also for a deadly amount of leverage.

Let’s discuss some examples here. So, with the atmokinesis superpower known as weather mimicry, one can fully emerge themselves in and transform into a snow storm for example. That’s right! In the middle of battle the atmokinesis user who possesses this skill can easily transform into a full fledged blizzard. This makes it virtually impossible to be attacked. How can you attack a snow storm? This is a huge advantage when fighting virtually any adversary.

Also, the atmokinesis user who displays this ability can transform into a hurricane if they chose to do so. This brings with it many different problems for their opponent. We’re not talking about a small hurricane here. Once fully emerged in a hurricane, they can control it’s ferocity to whatever degree they wish. That means as many tornadoes that they want, as many lightening bolts as they want, and so on and so forth.

Like previously stated, the atmokinesis user who utilizes weather mimicry can transform themselves into a weather phenomenon. So, instead of theoretically jumping into a storm and becoming one with it, this user can also manifest one within themselves. This makes it much easier for them to use this skill during combat as they can quickly become any weather phenomenon that they desire.

They can transform themselves into a ginormous tornado. Once again I ask, how can you fight off a tornado? Of course, there are ways, but with such a diverse array of tools in the atmokinesis user’s arsenal of weapons, the art of surprise is nothing new to them.

Besides using weather mimicry for combat and to surprise their opponent, it can also be used to help them travel to far distances in very short amounts of time. And I mean very short. Imagine if the atmokinesis user transformed into a lightening bolt. Yea, they would then be able to travel at the speed of light. Talk about fast!

So, as you can probably imagine, there are a ton of different skills that one can easily take advantage of by using the atmokinesis skill known as weather mimicry. This skill is highly effective for combat, as well as atmospheric travel. The individual who can actually exercise such an awesome skill can easily submerge themselves into any weather phenomenon that they wish. This makes them very difficult to be harmed. Especially if they transform into a giant hurricane that spans the length of hundreds of thousands of miles. So, it goes without question that the atmokinesis skill known as weather mimicry is one to sought after.