atmokinesis power

Atmokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate the weather. With electricity falling under this category, it is a very powerful and effective tool one can use for a plethora of different reasons which will be discussed in this article. The atmokinesis power of electricity manipulation should not get confused with the psychic ability known as
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atmokinesis weather mimicry

Atmokinesis: Using Weather Mimicry The atmokinesis skill known as weather mimicry is when the user emerges themselves into a specific weather phenomenon or when they have their own body take the form of one. This can be a huge advantage to the atmokinesis user due to the fact that they can scale their presence to
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atmokinesis exercises

Atmokinesis Exercises for Adaptation Among all of the many atmokinesis exercises that exist out there, adaptation stands alone as one of the most beneficial when it comes to dealing with opponents that have the ability of flight or are in areas with fierce weather. Aerial adaptation, more specifically is a type of atmokinesis adaptation that
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atmokinesis for beginners

In this atmokinesis for beginners article, the discussion will be on one of the most popular and well known atmokinesis techniques. This is of course the skill known as Air Manipulation. This atmokinesis technique is also sometimes referred to as air bending, anemokinesis, atmospheric manipulation, wind control, aerokinesis, etc. Regardless of what you decide to
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atmokinesis spells

Atmokinesis spells to manipulate electricity are one of the most potent types of atmokinesis techniques¬†available. One can only imagine as to the many different possibilities that one can take advantage of while exercising this skill. Atmokinesis electricity manipulation allows one to generate, create, shape, and control electricity to for whatever purpose that the user desires…

atmokinesis superpower

Atmokinetic combat, or meteokinetic combat as it’s also known as, is the act of combining all types weather phenomenon with physical combat. There are several benefits to doing this. One of the more notable reasons for using this atmokinesis superpower is to intimidate their opponent. If the atmokinesis user decides to use atmokinetic combat during
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atmokinesis techniques

In this article, the discussion will be on the atmokinesis techniques known as Water Manipulation. There is a very wide array of possibilities with this atmokinesis skill. Users who can display this skill can manipulate and shape water, steam, water vapor, ice, snow, etc. They can manipulate these things in any way shape or form
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atmokinesis training

Atmokinesis training involves learning how to manipulate the weather and atmosphere around you. It’s also sometimes called weather control or meteorological manipulation.¬†Just as the name implies, the user with atmokinesis capabilities will be able to easily shape, change, direct, intensify, and create any type of weather pattern that they wish to help them in any
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